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These Socks are made from some of the softest material. We know you're gonna love them!

How to Customize Yours!

Step 1: Upload Your Photo!

Step 2: Your Dog name !

Step 3: Choose Your size

Step 4: Place Your Order!

Enjoy Free Shipping!
✅ All of our items are made to order. This means as soon as you order, we get to work producing your item!
📦 Please allow 5-7 business days to receive a tracking number.
📬 Depending on your location, shipping time is quoted by the mail carrier as 4-12 business days.
Refund Policy

Because our items are made to order at the time the order is placed certain conditions apply.
1️⃣ If you have issues or problems with your item, you must contact us via email within 72 hours of the item being delivered to your address.
2️⃣Returns are accepted only if the item arrives damaged (printed aesthetic or damaged item)
3️⃣ For apparel items, size exchanges or returns are not accepted. This is because all of our items are custom made to order. We do not have inventory on hand and produce your item only when you place the order so therefor there is no item to be exchanged.
4️⃣After contacting us, we will walk you through the steps to ship the item back to us.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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