About us

Have you ever heard the saying that, “satisfaction is a rating while loyalty is a brand?” Now you know. At 4D stores, our aim is to achieve both satisfaction and loyalty from our customers. Our business began out of the deep desire to make customers happy. And it is not just about happiness, we aim at delivering what you want at the right time and place.

Our first value is to be as innovative as we can. We do this by selling products virtually because this is the most convenient method that has been enhanced by digital developments. We want you to shop for make up while seated at the comfort of your home or work desk. Through our store, you can select any make up or make up accessory, input your shipping address, and then once you pay, wait for us to fulfill your order and ship the product to your doorstep. Isn’t this convenient? Most of our customers say it is.

Our business is also built on the value of developing relationships with our customers. We want to develop a relationship with you so that we can keep improving our products and services. This is why we give our all when dealing with any customer because our aim is for you to feel like you are dealing with a friend.

We are also focused on being trustworthy by delivering high quality products. You should also know that all our products undergo quality checks before being made available to customers. This is a standard procedure that we do because we care about your safety and we want to deliver value for your money.

Therefore, feel confident when shopping with us because you will enjoy the benefits that we offer. These benefits include high quality products, honesty in all our dealings, and convenience.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver quality products to customers without delays. We also aim at leading in serving customers based on the values of friendship, trust, and loyalty. We also aim at developing and selling products whose quality is second to none. Finally, we are focusing on increasing our benefits every time we get an opportunity to do so. We are incorporated in Canada under the name 4DSTORES Ltd. Corporation Number 1158082- 5.